About Susan

I am the Editor-in-Chief and Co-Publisher of Southern Writers Magazine. My partners and I had been trying to decide what we could do that would help authors promote themselves and their books. Perhaps a bit naive, but we wanted to get good words out into the world  to show people there are good books, with wholesome words and thoughts available to enjoy. We hope eventually agents and producers will take notice of  these books and make some of them into movies, big screen and TV. Movies the family can watch together.

After careful consideration and much prayer, March, 2011 we felt called to begin this magazine. Within three months, July 1, 2011 we went live online and in print. As most people know, this could not have happened without God opening the doors, guiding us and bringing everything together. You just don’t pull a magazine together in three months, not of your on doing.

Everything we have done and do is to help promote authors and their books. Every created venue is for that purpose. We believe authors can get good words out in the world to help others, to give us enjoyment and introduce us to worlds of their imaginations.

We continue everyday to work toward that direction.

We are most grateful for the authors, writers, contributors who have been a part of and are a part of Southern Writers Magazine. To see all we have visit our website. We even have a free magazine for you to see.


Thank You. We hope you enjoy not only this blog, but everything associated with Southern Writers Magazine.

On a personal note, I am married to a wonderful guy with four grown daughters, grandsons, and  great-grandchildren.

Here is a free magazine issue for you to check us out:

July 2015 cover


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