lambphoto How do you write thriller suspense novels? You take one part J. J. Lamb and one part Bette Golden Lamb, and then step back; books are written like Sisters in Silence, Heir Today and the newest collaboration, Bone Dust.

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We are delighted to have J. J. and Bette visiting with us at Authors Visits today.

Tell us how this all started.

j j labm051b82a It all started with an I-have-this-great-idea;-all-you-have-to-do-is-write-it situation. Over the years, it’s become a very productive cohabitate-collaborate partnership between two creative people. Bette in addition to being an RN, is an award-winning sculptor, ceramist, and painter. I’ve made a career of writing–journalist, publicist, copywriter, and fiction writer.

Do you work in the same room/office?

We do have separate offices since Bette requires silence to write and I always have music playing in the background (jazz or classical).  There are many trips back and forth down the hallway, though. Plotting, character development, settings, and that sort of thing are open to discussion anywhere, at any time––meals, driving, on vacation, shopping, etc. We’ve learned the hard way, though, to always stop and scribble a few notes. One time we didn’t and lost a whole short story.

Working close together, do you ever argue?

Of course. But so far it hasn’t resulted in a single bruise; well, maybe to the ego now and then.

Give us an example of your collaboration.

The “voice” thing always works itself out. One of us does the first draft of a story, with input from the other (and help from our critique group) on plot and characters, plus other discussions along the way. The other does the second draft, with more discussions. When we’re ready to do the final (hopefully) draft, we literally sit down side by side at the computer and go through the ms. word by word, sentence by sentence, chapter by chapter. In the end, it’s a third voice, so much so that friends and fellow writers can seldom distinguish who wrote what. In any case, the voice of a Lamb co-authored novel never resembles anything we’ve written individually.

Your book Bone Dust. Tell us about that.

Bette-Heatshot-1_blog-edited-2-200x300   BONE DUSTis the fifth book in the Gina Mazzio RN medical thriller series. This time a flu epidemic slams San Francisco, pushing medical facilities far beyond normal limits. The chaos masks deadly blood-letting by a sociopathic phlebotomist, who makes Gina a prime target. Just where it ought to be safest, is where it is most dangerous.

Tell us about The Killing Vote Bette. 

killing voteKVFrontCover300dpi-200x300   It’s a taut political thriller where they have seven days to stop a political-corporate scheme from legally murdering poor, infirmed and powerless patients through selective euthanasia.


These are great sounding books. I know your fans want to know what’s next for you two.

bonecrackdraft Final Final_edited-Chels  The sixth book in the Gina Mazzio series, Bone Crack, should be available the last week of March (2016). This time Gina’s the target of a doctor who doesn’t want her revealing his less-than-ethical medical practices; he goes so far as to hire a professional hitman.

Thank you both for visiting with us today and sharing how the two of you write together and giving us more information about your books. We hope you will come back and keep us posted on books releasing in the future.

Visit J. J. and Bette at



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