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Joy_Ross_Davis-200x300    Joy Ross Davis is of Irish descent and a student of the lore and magic found in the hills of Tennessee. After a twenty-five year career as a college English professor, she traveled to Ireland and worked as a writer and photographer, publishing numerous travel articles and photos for an Irish travel agency. She has been a contributing feature writer for a local newspaper and has published articles in Southern literary magazines.

Welcome to Authors Visits Joy, we are delighted to have you.

 I know you speak at conferences, book club meetings, and events sharing your connection with angels and the stories behind your books. 

Yes, and so enjoy it.

countenance513oE5ZVj8L._AA160_I would love to talk with you about your book Countenance. This was your debut novel. You created a suspenseful yet heartfelt story full of intrigue and unexpected revelations, where magic is made in the kitchen and angels can fall in love.

In it your memorable characters inhabit a home that is more than it seems, unwittingly preparing for a final showdown where forces battle for the souls of both those who reside there and the dead who cannot move on to the next realm.

The character Nealey Monaghan, who is thirty-eight, life is turned upside-down one night when her sister’s estranged ex-husband kills nearly everyone she loves in one fell swoop. Numb to the world, Nealey is taken in by her charmingly eccentric Aunt Sylvie, cookbook author and proprietress of the Playhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast in the hills of Tennessee. Hoping to help her niece find purpose and meaning in her life again, Sylvie makes Nealey a co-owner and begins teaching her the tricks of the trade…and the secrets of the house.
Unbeknownst to either of them, nor to the ghost relatives who have lived there since they were murdered in 1889, there is a common thread running through their veins, and a deep secret that is dying to come out…

What a wonderfully woven story. No wonder the book has done so well.

I read what the Red City Review said about your book. “Countenance is such a comforting and heart-warming tale, and readers will fall in love with the novel’s leading ladies, Nealey and Sylvie, who really are strong and extraordinary women. The love between them is so palpable it all but brings this story to life.  Plenty of other surprising characters populate this novel’s pages as well, some of them being more – or less – than they seem. While ‘Countenance’ is a relatively brief read, it contains a heavy helping of life lessons that will surely leave readers feeling emotionally sated.”  This was an excellent review.

I was thrilled with their review. Another review, also thrilled me, it was given by Kathleen M Rodgers, author of the Amazon bestselling novel, The Final Salute and Johnnie Come Lately.

She said, “For two days I’ve been living with the charming cast of characters in Joy Ross Davis’ debut novel, Countenance. Although the Playhouse Inn only exist in the pages of this well-written novel, the author’s lyrical writing style and storytelling ability had me roaming through the rooms (like an invisible guest) in this beautiful old bed and breakfast located in the hills of Tennessee. From the beginning, I fell in love with Aunt Sylvie, an adored cookbook author and the proprietor of this one hundred year old home. We all need an “Aunt Sylvie” doting over us and whipping up her magic in the kitchen of this ancient inn where angels and ghosts live in harmony with the human inhabitants and guests. That is until a troublemaker named Max shows up, but I’ll say no more about this rascal as you will want to read this novel for yourself…” She finished by saying, “From the opening lines until the last page, you will be swept away with the strength of this story. Your spine will tingle… you’ll laugh, you’ll cry. Then you’ll want to get on the phone and book a stay at the Playhouse Inn. And if no one picks up the phone, then you must simply order this book and start reading now. You will not be disappointed.”

Firelight cover (1)         Your third book in The Firelight Angels Book series just released in November 2015. Tell us about it.

Libby Arbuckle has a secret, a deadly secret that could destroy everyone in the small town of Preacher’s Cove, already plagued by a rash of furious storms and mysterious deaths. On assignment to Preacher’s Cove, Hap Murray, a cocky but handsome reporter, meets Libby and is immediately struck by how familiar she seems to him. But when he presses her for information, she tells him only convincing lies. One person in the town, Police Chief Burton Riggs, befriends Hap and urges him to seek out the doll maker, Lucy Arbuckle, Libby’s demented sister and an artistic genius who creates the Firelight Angels, uncanny replicas of children in the Cove. These dolls hold the key to the deadly storms. When Libby finally shares her secret with Hap, she tells him of a living angel, the Angel of Justice, hidden deep in the woods. Their newfound trust in each other turns to love, and they risk their lives to heal Lucy. In doing so, they expose a vicious murderer and save an abandoned child. But solving the murders is only the first step in their struggle to free Preacher’s Cove from the clutches of a tyrant named Ike Madison. After an intense battle at the ancient burial site called The Hallows, Lucy is healed, Ike is finally thwarted, and Hap and Libby come away wounded but thoroughly enamored with each other. Armed with a new love and the story of a lifetime, Hap settles into Preacher’s Cove with Libby and only one last secret: a single thread that will unravel an ancient legend.

Joy, this is a great series. I know you are excited about it.  Looking forward to reading number three.

Keep us posted on any new books releasing.

Contact Joy and let her know how much you enjoy her books.


Twitter: @joyrossdavis


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