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tina bausinger1Tina Bausinger, knows about being a mama to teenagers. Her newest book, Cold Coffee and Speed Limits: Encouragement for Mamas of Teens is a book for you if you have teenagers. It’s an honest guide to the joys and heartbreak of raising teens.

Tina Book CoverShe is a mother of three teenagers, a writer, experimental cook, and an English professor.

“I live in Texas (the land of Old Yeller) and I survive on large amounts of coffee and ungodly amounts of sugar. It’s really not healthy.”

Tell us more about you.

“Besides being a mom, and a wife of 24 years, I’m a scholar, a writer, a poet, a public speaker and an English professor.”

You’re  also an award-winning writer and you’ve been published in several venues.

“I also like to cook. I like cooking good southern dishes that fill the stomach and warm the soul.”

Tell us some of the groups you’ve spoken to.

“The Dallas Fort Worth Writers Conference, NISOD (National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development) in Austin, The South Central Writing Centers Association Conference in Corpus Christi, and the Keynote Speaker for the Sigma Kappa Delta Induction Ceremony at Tyler Junior College.”

I noticed how much you give back in helping other writers as well as mothers. In reading some of your blog, I found where you share writing techniques and give moms’ encouragement.

WarEagleWomen2_850 (1)Tell us about your book,  War Eagle Women.

“It’s about strong Southern women who, although they are hopelessly flawed, put nothing else above those they love.  You might be interested in seeing the book trailer for War Eagle Women. It  was featured on USA Today. Here is the link:


Thank you for visiting with us today Tina. Let us know when your next book comes out.

Be sure and visit Tina at: http://tinabausinger.com/

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