Gail Gaymer Martin Answers the Age Old Question!


Meet Gail Gaymer Martin,  a multi-award-winning author of over fifty-five novels and 4 million books sold all over the world. We are so glad you are visiting us today Gail.

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Gail I know you love to share  with writers about the age question.

Yes, I’ve been asked if a person doesn’t start to write until they are 40 or 50 years old is it too late. My answer: Absolutely not. I worked at other careers before I started writing anything. I first sold hundreds of articles to Christian magazines that dealt with parenting and teen issues that stemmed from my counseling background. I had the credentials and experience to use that knowledge to help others, and I enjoyed it. I wrote short stories for adults and children that I sold to Christian periodicals and Sunday school materials, as well as devotionals and even some poetry. After selling most everything I wrote, I realized the Lord was telling me to reach out for my dream which was, as a child, to write books. I began writing fiction in 1997 and sold in 1998. I sold another novel in 1999 and the same year received a contract from New York with Steeple Hill Love Inspired. My career had taken off.  I’ve been blessed, and I am very grateful.

Some writers/authors/readers may not know this, but you were a co-founder of American Christian Fiction Writers.

Originally it was planned by six of us who were romance writers as the christian version of Romance Writers of America and we incorporated as american Christian Romance Writers in 2000.  Within four years, we had many Christian novelists who wrote other genres and reincorporated to include all Christian fiction genre by becoming American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW). Today the organization has approximately 2600 members from around the world and is the major organization and premiere annual conference for all Christian fiction.

That’s amazing Gail. I know it is a wonderful organization and has so many avenues for writers. Tell me about your kindle release this month of Finding Christmas.

finding chris 2h_0373811233Three years ago, Joanna’s three-year-old daughter, Mandy, died in the icy waters of a Michigan lake, along with Greg, Joanna’s husband-or so she was told. But her daughter’s body was never found. Now, Joanna is receiving mysterious phone calls and email messages, reawakening her doubts. These messages she is getting may give her false hope or could it be someone is trying to reunite her with her daughter she thought was dead?

Okay, that’s the perfect stocking stuffer. It is a must get for me. I wanted to talk a little about what you did before becoming a writer.

I taught English, journalism and public speaking in a high school setting until I obtained my master’s degree in counseling, and though I loved teaching, I moved into that career. When I had enough years to retire, I was asked to teach English and public speaking as an adjunct instructor at a university. I stayed there for five years but when my fiction writing took off so quickly, I left the university to spend my time writing Christian fiction fulltime. My writing career opened doors to become an inspirational speaker for woman at churches, businesses and civic events and  teach writing fiction across the country. I’ve had the privilege of teaching in London, England as well. I was also pleased to be the author of the Writer’s Digest book, Writing the Christian Romance.

You are an incredible talented writer. I know you believe in honing your craft.

Everyone has weak spots in their writing and the more we study, practice, and polish, the better we will write.

Tell me about your hobbies.

upon a midnight clearth_0373871236 Music is my biggest hobby and then traveling. I have been a singer all my life. I studied piano as a child and later as a young woman. Though I was never great, I know music and am a member of our JuBellation Ringers at church where my husband is the director of our handbell ensemble. My music background also is helpful when I work on my solos or chorale music. I sing with my church choir and I’m also a member of a well-known Christian chorale in the metro-Detroit area which represents excellence in music. I have had music elements in a few of my novels. One that stands out in my mind is my first Love Inspired novel, Upon A Midnight Clear, which was a national award winner. I’m surprised I haven’t used music more than I do.

dreaming of castlesth_1577485556Traveling happens to be another of my hobbies. Readers can find a novel and a few novellas set in places such as: Germany, Italy and England. I love being given the opportunity to use my travel experiences to create special stories. Some of these have come to life again through my reissued copyrights, and I was able to self-publish them. One of my favorite novels is, Dreaming of Castles, filled with humorous situations and exciting adventures in the wonderful backdrop of Heidelberg and Rotenberg ob der Tauber, Germany.

I thought our readers might like to know your take on coincidence. Does it sometimes play a role in your books?

Coincidence isn’t a conscious element in my books. Usually I think of it as God’s leading. I have had characters say something in dialogue or thought, and when it happens I pause in surprise as I wonder where that came from. It wasn’t a line I can remember typing, but as I study the words, I realize the dialogue foreshadows something that could happen later or it opens a door that hadn’t entered my mind. Those moments are always gifts as I see how they can deepen my purpose or the message within the novel. Each novel is like a modern-day parable that helps answer a question or concern most people have asked sometime in their lives as Christians. Even to know that we are not alone is an amazing finding for some who feel lost and empty.

Irene Cover 8620211You were showcased in the September/October Southern Writers Magazine where you talked about honing your craft and being a late boomer.

I was a late bloomer and didn’t begin writing fiction for publication until in my fifties. When I was in the third grade, my teacher wrote a prophetic message on my report card, ‘Gail is an excellent writer.’ Today I realize she recognized a talent that took me fifty years to recognize. Beginning writing at a later age has allowed me to encourage others to never give up their dream. (To read Gail’s interview go to and get this issue.)

A love for safe keepingYour book, A Love for Safe Keeping,  is about Jane Conroy’s  being stalked.

Yes she is a feisty schoolteacher more angered than frightened by her shadowy adversary’s pranks. Thanks to him, she reluctantly found herself under the watchful deep blue gaze of a handsome lawman bent on keeping her safe — and restoring her lost faith….will she fall for Kyle Manning? He’s the preacher’s son and police officer. Jane makes it clear she doesn’t trust cops or religion — and that she could take care of herself. But Kyle wasn’t just determined to guard her life…he was hoping to share it!

BettertoSeeYou2 Your newest release is Better to See You. Tell us about this one.

Visiting her ailing grandmother in the fairytale-like German town, Lucy Blair plans to be a caregiver during her grandma’s illness and attend the world-renowned theater production of the Passion of Christ. What Lucy did not plan was to run into her old college boyfriend, Ron Woodson, who is in Germany to learn woodcarving for his furniture making business. She also didn’t plan to get caught up in a mystery involving her grandmother. Will Lucy and Ron find the answer to her grandmother’s predicament? Will Lucy’s meeting with Ron rekindle the old flame or will the past smother the new spark?  

Gail, thank you so much for visiting with us today. By the way, I was visiting your website, and saw your recipe tab. Have to tell you, I tried your Oatmeal-Banana cookies. They were delicious. Over the weekend I am going to try your Zucchini Parmesan Crisps.

Thank you Susan for having me, I’ve enjoyed. I’m glad you liked the cookies, let me know how you like the Zucchini.

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  1. I am so glad Gail dropped by, because I agree with Gail, you are not too old to start a new career! She did it, and I did it. How about it? Are there others who have started a new career? Especially in Writing. What are your thoughts.


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